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Who is an “entrepreneur”?

"An entrepreneur is a person who creates a business facing risk and uncertainty for the purpose of achieving profit and growth. He-she identifies opportunities and puts together the resources to capitalize and exploit the opportunities." [/collapsed] [collapsed]

Are you an existing or potential micro or small business owner?

Our target clients are: self-employed entrepreneurs or in a partnership, commercial vendors or traders, university or skilled professional school graduates intent in starting their own small enterprise or striving to expand their existing businesses. [/collapsed] [collapsed]

Want to know more about our organization and activities?

Send us your queries and feedback!
FinAfrica (Uganda) Limited, UWEAL House, UMA Showground Lugogo PO Box 31797 Kampala, Uganda. email us on : info@finafrica.org Telephone/fax (+256) 414 505356 Mobile (+256) (0) 777 206494 / 791 501504
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So you want to be an entrepreneur... Do you have what it takes?

The characteristics of a successful entrepreneur are the following:
  • Commitment and desire for responsibility
  • Preference for moderate risk
  • Confidence in the ability to succeed
  • Prepared to work hard and long hours,
  • High levels of energy
  • Future orientation
  • Skills at organizing
  • Desire for immediate feedback, and
Value of achievement over money …entrepreneurs see their achievements in owning their own business as the real measure of their success! [/collapsed] [collapsed]

How can Finafrica help?

FinAfrica offers start-ups and existing businesses training and advisory business development services at every level of the start-up, incubation and expansion phases of an enterprise. We can also provide you with an office during your start-up phase. Our products include:
  1. Entrepreneurship and Business Plan Training, both classroom and e-learning through internationally renown institutions,
  2. Business diagnostics mentoring and advisory services to entrepreneurs to monitor business performance, access finance and ensure financial sustainability
  3. Dedicated office incubation facilities and infrastructure for start-ups.
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Need marketing and financial business skills?

Join our Business Marketing and Basic Finance for Business [/collapsed] [collapsed] What is Finafrica's target Group? Our target group comprises entrepreneurs that are either self-employed, partnerships, commercial vendors and traders, small manufacturers and also university or professional school graduates embarking on a new venture. [/collapsed] [collapsed]

Are you starting a business and do not have an office?

Yes, Finafrica can incubate your enterprise! Our brand new Office Incubation Centre is equipped with modern office desks, 3 drawer units, HP Desktops with 19' flat screen monitors, fast Internet, telephone and access to Laser printing, Scanner, Photocopier and Fax. Users can also access the executive lounge and board room for meeting clients, suppliers, partners and other guests. We are currently running a promotional offer on our office incubation rental, if interested, please see attached, but hurry![/collapsed] [collapsed]

What is a business incubator?

A business incubator nurtures the development of entrepreneurial companies, helping them survive and grow during the difficult start-up phase when they are most vulnerable. Incubators provide their young client companies with a comprehensive office and business support services and resources necessary to start a business. The goals of an incubation programme is to create jobs in a community, enhancing a community’s entrepreneurial climate, building and accelerating growth in a local industry and diversifying local economies. Finafrica offers in-house office structures for incubated enterprises to include computing, Internet, and telecommunication facilities, receptionist secretarial services (photocopying, printing, scanning and faxing) and meeting-conferencing facilities.[/collapsed] [collapsed]

Interested in our mission and activities?

We are seeking the assistance of corporate or individual partners to support the establishment and implementation of FinAfrica’s activities. There are three different ways that you could support our entrepreneurship initiative:
  1. through funding,
  2. through technical assistance in the three different fields of FinAfrica's activities, training, e-learning and incubation, and with the implementation and completion of entrepreneurship training, FinAfrica also envisages the establishment of a Guarantee fund that will support lending to newly trained entrepreneurs for the development and expansion of their businesses.
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    Do you wish to make a contribution to our activities?

    See our attached Bank details, we thank you for your help![/collapsed] [collapsed]

    So you have a great business idea but feel you need business skills training....

    Our business workshops are designed to empower managers either in starting a small or medium sized business or in operating and expanding an existing business in a sustainable way. Our training covers choosing the right kind of business and understanding the financial, accounting, managerial, marketing and legal apects. The end product is a detailed business plan where all these components are brought together. The training also specifically covers business failures and how to avoid those mistakes frequently made by newly established businesses.[/collapsed] [collapsed]

    Do you know why some small businesses fail?

    1. Management Incompetence!
    2. Lack of experience.
    3. Poor Financial Control: sound management and proper financial control are key to success,
    4. Failure to Develop a Strategic Plan : Failure to plan = failure to survive
    5. Uncontrolled growth,
    6. Poor business location – study and investigate first where you should be located – especially retailers
    7. Improper inventory control: protection against theft, running short, or tying too much cash in unnecessary inventory
    8. Incorrect pricing,
    9. Inability to manage the enterprise – managers don't delegate!
    We can teach you how to avoid these pitfalls! Come and talk or Contact us.[/collapsed]